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About Samadhi

Ubuntu, this is the energy by which Samadhi has been created, recognizing that we are all connected and none of us can truly be happy until all of us are truly happy.  "I am because we are."  
We are One.
Beloved Friends and Family,
As the landscape of reality continues to shift daily, we have been hard at work finding creative and new ways to continue to be a positive contribution to the world even though the current state of the world has had a devastating effect on the viability of Samadhi as a business.  It is my intention to support you in ways that help us all stay heartfully connected during a time of tremendous change and beyond.  As we all know, change, especially at this level, can be quite uncomfortable, to say the least.  Let's be there for one another.  I love you and care for you and envision the very best for you and for all of us. 
Samadhi Center for Yoga, a small locally-owned family business provided a hOMe for beginning and advanced practitioners, to grow and transform in their study of yoga, over the past two decades.  Now, as so many things are shifting in the world, Samadhi Center for Yoga has transformed into SamadhiYoga.com, an online collective to be a sacred connection point with your community.  Due to the financial disaster Samadhi and myself are currently enduring, the business of Samadhi has completely dissolved.  While this saddens us deeply, I am grateful for the many years I have had to contribute to the world in positive ways.  What an honor!  Thank you to those who hold this vision with me that this is simply a moment of transition into something greater than any of us could ever imagine.  Energy goes where attention flows, so let's create something extraordinary together.  
Please stay tuned.  While none of these classes or events are "Samadhi" events per say, I intend to use my resources to help spread the word for these teachers and support community as best I can.  
We humbly share the gifts of generations of master practitioners as a gateway into our own individual and collective understanding of what yoga can teach all who may gift themselves with practice.  
Blessings to all and with love in my heart,
Andora Prasad Freedom